Chimney Chase Covers

How often should i have my chase cover inspected?

At ECS, we recommend having your chimney cap, crown and chase cover inspected every year by one of our certified chimney sweeps for proper maintenance and functionality.  If needed, we can repair or replace any missing or damaged components, so your chimney can continue working properly.  A little preventative maintenance goes a long way and saves money.  All of our home owner inspections are FREE.

My metal chimney cover is leaking. What do I do?

Over time a chase cover will begin to wear out and break down.  Rusting, improper installation, poor materials, or nature can cause a chase cover to fail.  We are happy to inspect and detail the condition of your chase cover for you.

A chase cover sometimes referred to as a chase top or flashing, is a metal covering designed to keep things like rain, snow, and animals from entering a home via the chimney chase (or opening).  The chase cover is designed to fit around the flue opening in your chimney.  The chase cover covers the entire top of your chimney. Used frequently to cover chimney chase surrounds, it fits over the top of the chimney.

A proper chase cover will have the following:

  • A cross break for water run off.
  • A chase collar to prevent water from entering the flue run.
  • A drip edge to keep water off of the chimney structure.
  • A skirt to keep water from getting under the chase cover.
  • A rain collar to shed water away from the flue onto the chase cover.

If your chase cover needs to be replaced, we would be happy to take care of you.  All chase covers are custom made to specific measurements and requirements.  Chase covers come in different colors and materials.  Each chase cover comes with it’s own manufacturers warranty that can last from a 5 year warranty to a limited lifetime warranty.  Chase covers come in galvanized, copper,
aluminum, and stainless steel.


Chimney Chase Covers
Chimney Chase Covers
Chimney Chase Covers
Chimney Chase Covers

Chase Cover Replacement

This chase cover was badly damaged and leaking.  Another chimney company tried to repair the chase cover and did a poor job and the leak continued.  We custom measured for the new chase cover to take care of the issue.  We added a cross break for water runoff, a skirt so water can’t get under the chase cover, a drip edge for added protection, and a collar to keep water and elements away from the chimney flues.  We also extended the flue lining pipe for proper height and placed rain collars around the flue pipes to shed water away.  This is a manufacturers lifetime warrantied stainless steel chase cover.