Air Duct Cleaning

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How we clean your air ducts.

There are several methods for cleaning air duct systems. Environmental practices the source removal method. The equipment and tools, which are used, are designed specifically for air duct cleaning. Using a vacuum that pulls 5300 cubic feet per minute, the air from the air duct vacuumduct system is pulled through the vacuum removing contaminants from the home and storing them in a container located outside the residence. No contaminants are stored in the home. A high velocity air whip is inserted into the air ducts. With 175 pounds of air pressure per square inch, any caked on dirt, dust, debris etc. is broken loose and blasted off the duct walls. The contaminants are forced down the duct run to the vacuum. These two systems work together as a push pull system. We also have an indoor Air Duct Cleaning HEPA vacuum.

circuit cameraEnvironmental uses closed circuit camera for viewing the duct work before and after the work is completed. This gives the added security the air ducts have been cleaned properly with a visual guarantee. No one can offer anything better then showing the customer the finished product. We stand behind our work 100%. All questions are answered before we start to work and the customer is completely walked through the finished product.

We can also sanitize and deodorize your entire ventilation system. We use a product that is EPA registered and recommended for your air duct system.
This will kill up to 95% of your micro-bacteria, molds and fungus.

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A view of the air duct system from the inside!

Befroe and after cleaning photo
Before Cleaning
After Cleaning